Why Your Business Should Consider Buying A 3 Ton Overhead Crane

Walking through factories and warehouses often makes me stop and wonder. You see materials being moved inefficiently by forklifts. The forklift struggles to handle a heavy load, while moving carefully down aisles bumping into products on both sides. An overhead crane can eliminate these issues and is often less expensive to use, also. A 3 ton overhead crane (кран балка 3 тонны) can take over jobs you are using a forklift for now.

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3 ton overhead crane for sale

Imagine, you have a load of metal plates arrive in your factory. You need to move them through the plant to the perfect location, get them loaded on a stand and ready for your employees to start using. You zig-zag through the plant interrupting people on the way. An overhead crane  (кран балка грузоподъемность) can lift the entire pallet of metal sheets and move them through the plant with zero interruptions. The overhead crane will increase productivity, too. The crane can be used by employees at many stations to move material onto machines instead of racing around the plant looking for a forklift.

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What should you look for in your 3 ton overhead crane (https://overheadcrane.kz/kupit-kran-balka-3-tonny/)? You want to make sure it comes equipped with lifting harnesses that meet your needs. You should make sure the 3 ton capacity will handle all of your jobs in the area. Upgrading to a slightly heavier crane may be a better choice. We recommend not going much smaller than a 3 ton crane in most facilities. What else should you be concerned about? Safety and reliability should be your first two concerns and are even more important than price. Make sure the crane is equipped with proper braking safeties. Verify the brand you are looking at provides a good warranty and has favorable reviews from companies similar to yours.

China 3 ton bridge machine price
3 tons of bridge machine quality

Make sure you check how large an area you are going to use the crane for, also. You will need to carefully explain your layout and usage plans to your crane company so they can recommend all the correct tracks and accessories. Taking a walk-through with a crane specialist is a good idea, too. They may recommend you go with shorter runs for your crane and purchase two crane units instead of one. This will be due to safety and productivity concerns. Look here, there are various overhaed cranes for sale (продам мостовой кран)!

How to choose a 3 ton bridge machine
Choose 3 ton bridge machine from China

Make sure you ask if the crane they are recommending is a single girder crane, or multi-girder. This will affect the price of your installation and can affect usability as well. Unless your crane usage is very isolated, stay away from a portable gantry crane. They may make it easier to use the crane in some areas of your plant, but do not provide the long distance movement of materials that saves time and money.

3 ton overhead crane for sale
How to choose a 3 ton bridge machine

One last consideration, you will need to decide if you want your crane to use cable (metal rope) or chain. Consult with the company you are buying the crane from to determine which is the better choice for your applications. Your business can benefit in improved productivity, lower costs and safer material handling by installing a 3 ton crane instead of using fork lifts.

What Is The Price Of A Double Girder Overhead Crane

Are you on the market for a double girder overhead crane because if you are, then you’re probably wondering what’s the price of it. The truth is there are various factors that determine the price. Some of these factors, as well as other useful info will be discussed throughout the rest of this article.

New Or Used
One of the main factors is whether the machine is new or used. Generally speaking, a used overheard crane will be cheaper than a brand new one, but the older it is and the more it has been used, the less of a lifespan it will have. If you plan on using the crane on a regular basis and for rigorous jobs, then you probably should purchase a newer crane.

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Brand & Manufacturer
The brand and manufacturer of the crane also plays a role in what the price of a double girder overhead crane will be. The more established a brand or manufacturer is, the more the crane will be. This isn’t always the case, but more often than not it is. Sometimes the crane is worth the higher price(buen calidad de grua birriel), but you don’t want to purchase a crane based on the brand or the manufacturer that has produced it.

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Overhead Crane with one viga

Where You Buy It From
Where you actually buy the crane from will have an impact on price(importe de grua puente monorriel). If a company sells cranes in high volume and they have a good relationship with suppliers and brands, then the chances are they will sell cranes at a lower price than a company that doesn’t have relationships or high volume sales(espacio de puente grua chile). There are many places that sell these types of overhead cranes, therefore it’s a good idea to do a bit of comparison shopping.

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Weihua Crane Birriails

Average Price
As for what the average price of this crane is, it really depends on where you buy it from and where you live. In general, you can find the cranes for around $50K, $100K or for far less, especially if the cranes are used or sold at a wholesale price. The price of the crane greatly varies from one place to another place.

Tips For Getting A Good Deal
What you really want to do is compare various double girder overhead cranes being sold at different places. The more companies you check out and the more makes and models of cranes you research, the better your chances are of finding a crane being sold at a good price. Remember to consider buying new if you will be using it regularly and don’t be afraid to ask the company you’re thinking of buying from if they can reduce the price of the crane you are interested in buying. This alone can save you a bit of cash.

As you can see, there are a number of factors that play a role in how much you’ll pay for a double girder overhead crane. Just remember to keep the previously discussed tips in mind if you want to score a good deal on one. All you have to do now is start shopping around for a girder overhead crane.


Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Foundry Crane

A foundry crane is a very big purchase. Whenever you are making a large purchase like this one, you are going to have to evaluate the products you are considering carefully.

What should you think about when you look for a crane? How can you find a foundry crane that meets all of your needs? If you consider these things, solving those issues shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Determine What It Is You Need

Before you start shopping for your crane, you should figure out what you are looking for. How large do you want your crane to be? What kind of tasks do you need your crane to carry out? What kind of weight limit should it have?

You may want to put together a list of your wants and needs. When you start looking at products more seriously, you can see whether or not they offer all of the things that you are looking for. Foundry crane, also known as ladle crane, always refers to the crane used in steel mill for foundry process and work.

Foundry crane for sale
Foundry Crane

Decide How Much You Can Afford To Spend

Obviously, there are going to be limits to what you can spend on a foundry overhead crane. It is a smart idea to come up with a budget before you look at too many cranes. If you don’t have any kind of a budget in place, you may wind up spending a lot more than you intended to.

You should treat your budget as a guideline. When you look at the cranes that are within that budget, you shouldn’t necessarily opt for the cheapest options. Instead, you should try to find some of the best options that fall within that price range.

Find Some Of The Top Cranes On The Market

It’s always smart to purchase the best products that you can. If you invest in reliable, well-made products, you will be able to accomplish a great deal.

When you are looking at foundry cranes, your primary goal should be to find the best products on the market. Which brands have the best reputations? Which products have the most appealing features?

If you look for a high quality material handling crane, you should be very happy with what you find.  There are many kinds of overhead cranes and they are in different styles, to get the suitable one for your work and business, it is necessary to choose a professional and reputable crane supplier and you will get the professional advice on choosing the crane, please just access this website http://www.overheadCraneManufacturers.com/ to get your suitable and customized crane.

Compare Your Best Options

Once you have found a few great options, you will want to start comparing those options against each other. Which crane has the lowest price? Which crane has the most appealing features? Which crane is best suited to the kind of work that you need to do?

Spend some time comparing and contrasting these cranes against each other. Eventually, you should be able to eliminate a few options and find the crane that you most want to purchase.

Now that you know the basics of buying a foundry crane, you can decide what you want to do in the future. No matter what you wind up purchasing, you should be able to find a foundry crane that can do all of the things that you need it to do. You can make a purchase that you will be proud of by clicking here http://overheadcranemanufacturers.com/foundry-crane/.

The Top Reasons Why A 1-Ton Overhead Crane Is Ideal For Light Lifting Work

If you are like most people, you probably don’t think of lifting objects that weigh up to a ton as being “light lifting”. From an industrial perspective, however, objects weighing under 1-ton are often referred to as being “light” simply for the fact that they are much lighter weight than many of the extremely heavy objects that these businesses usually deal with http://ellsenoverheadcrane.com/1-ton-overhead-crane/.

For all intents and purposes, though, objects that fall into this weight bracket are still far heavier than an average person could lift by hand. This is where a 1-ton overhead crane comes into play. These cranes, which are designed to quickly and efficiently lift and transport heavy objects, can save you a great deal of time and effort.


One of the major benefits of these cranes is that they are quite affordable compared to other heavy-lifting equipment. For instance, it generally costs more to buy a forklift than it does to buy one of these small overhead cranes. In fact, you may be able to save thousands of dollars by going with an overhead crane rather than a forklift. This is especially true when you take into account maintenance costs. Cranes tend to be far cheaper to maintain than forklifts.

Additionally, they also require much less space in your building. After all, a forklift needs to have room to move backward and forward and to turn around in order to safely lift and carry loads. Most overhead cranes, on the other hand, are installed well above the factory floor, helping to save space while still making it possible to carry heavy loads.

Another benefit of overhead cranes is that they are quite easy to operate. Although the crane operator will need to undergo training, the actual process of operating one of these cranes is very straightforward. As a result, they are far less likely to cause injuries or property damage than a more complicated piece of equipment.

The process of using an overhead crane is quite simple. The most important components of the crane are the girder, the trolley, and the hoist. The trolley moves back and forth across the girder, which is typically either attached directly to the ceiling of the building or mounted on two freestanding legs.

Hanging down from the trolley is a hoist. Depending on the type of crane, the operator simply needs to attach the hoist to the load using a hook, strap, magnet, or other lifting attachment. Once they double check that the load is secure, they can then power up the crane and move it to wherever it needs to go.

These are some of the top reasons why a 1-ton overhead crane is ideal for light lifting work. They can dramatically simplify the process of moving bulky, awkward, or heavy items around your shop, warehouse, or factory. Perhaps most importantly, they can significantly minimize the effort that is required to lift these items while at the same time increasing safety.

Additionally, they are far more affordable than other types of lifting equipment, making them a budget-friendly option for businesses that don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want to create an extremely efficient workspace. For other tons of cranes, just visit http://www.ellsenoverheadcrane.com/.

Various Types Of Hoists For Overhead Cranes

There are many different types of overhead hoists that are made based upon certain construction parameters and configurations. When they are referenced, it is based upon these configurations, and how they are constructed. These will work directly with overhead cranes as they are the apparatus that is responsible for lifting the heavyweights, allowing the cranes to be moved to a new location. Hoists can the stop, and of course lower everything down, allowing the process to be very efficient. Here is an overview of the various types of hoists that are used with overhead cranes, and recommendations on which ones you should consider for your business.

type of hoist 1

Three Different Types Of Overhead Hoists

Hoists for overhead cranes are broken down into three specific categories. This is lifting medium, operation, and suspension. Lifting medium types defined how it is made to cause vertical motion of the hoist load hook or block. This will include the use of a chain or wire rope in most cases. Second, you have the operation of an overhead hoist which refers to the type of power that is used. They can be manual, electric, or pneumatic which is simply a hoist that is powered via air. Finally, you have suspension characteristics which referred to the mounting method, or how the hoist is actually suspended. This may include a hook, lug, or a trolley.

Lifting Medium Types For Hoists

The type of chain or wire rope (tipo de cable de acero) that is used can differ in a couple different ways. You could be using a welded link load chain which can be useful, however it is not interchangeable with different hoists from different manufacturers. A roller load chain is comprised of assembled roller links, as well as pin links, which can turn on the bushings. All of the links will fit nicely on the hoist load sprocket, which is how it can go up and down. The wire rope apparatus simply goes into the grooves of the hoist drum when it is moved up or down. There are different sizes, specifically different diameters, of the different ropes, with the thicker ones allowing you to lift heavier materials.

type of hoist 2

Different Operation Types

The most inexpensive overhead cranes (gruas aereas más baratas) are manually operated and are therefore the least flexible in terms of moving excessive weight. Those that are electrically powered are controlled by levers and buttons, as well as an electric motor which can provide the power that is necessary to lift and move your merchandise. Finally, pneumatic or air-powered hoists are also pushbutton and lever controlled. These can be extremely powerful. Regardless of which one you need, or which one you would like to try, they can all make it easier to lift heavier loads.

This basic overview of the different types of hoists for overhead cranes should help you understand which ones are the most and least powerful. It just depends on the type of business you are in, and how much productivity you are trying to accomplish, with your business that involves transitioning large items that are extremely heavy.